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My name is Stefanie I'm  17 years old. I live in  the middle of Germany.

I like photography, books, Moleskines (or other notebooks), reading and writing letters, spring, autumn, penguins, owls and having fun with my friends.

Right now I'm a senior at Grammar School... so I will hopefully get my A-levels in June. After that I'd love to study psychology.


This blog...

So I always wanted to start my own blog but I never had time or was too lazy for doing this. But now I made it to one of my New Year Resolutions.. so I probably had to do it.

I made this blog to get in contact with people and to share events and moods.

Further more I want to make claer hat this blog isn't about my eating disorder! I will definitly talk about it because of it's influence on me. But this is not a Pro Ana/Mia site! 

Alter: 26

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